E-Mail vs. Social Media Marketing

Email marketing is often discussed as an alternative to social media marketing. In fact, it has been known to outperform social media when it comes to overall conversions and reach. However, modern marketing campaigns need to be more diverse to reach the broadest audience..

You should not be doing one or the other – you should be focused on doing both effectively.

  • 75% of all adults express email is their preferred communication method
  • Even among the 18-29 age group, email trumps social for commercial usage

According a presentation from Laura B. Poindexter, the President of queenbcreative.com, Facebook vs. Email:


1,000 fans –> 4% reach = 40 Views –> 5% Click Thru Rate = 2 Clicks


1,000 subscribers –> 25% open rate = 250 Views –> 10 CTR = 25 Clicks

No company should be applying resources in social media without having an effective email program first. This way… as prospects find you on social media and subscribe to your email, you can push them a message down the road that drives them to a conversion.

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